Living the Faith Daily: Forgive Others so You Will be Forgiven

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On the road yesterday, I came to a busy four way stop. I came to a complete stop and looked. I let the cars to my left and right move. I looked to see if the one across from me was turning and he was not, so I started out in the intersection. Just as I moved out, so too did the next car to my right. Thinking he would stop (as I had the socially accepted right of way) I kept on. So did he. We almost hit, but he finally let me through. I gave him one of the less obscene hand gestures and rolled out of the intersection mad.

I immediately regretted my actions once I was clear. I should not have gotten mad over the situation, I should have been content to not have an accident, especially since I ultimately went through before him. I should have forgiven him as I don't know what was on his mind.

God, with His amazing sense of humor, sent me His own brand of penance. At the very next four way stop a few blocks down, I came to a stop and then immediately sped forward despite there being a car to the left that was there before me. I realized what I had done just as it was too late for me to stop, and I turned and saw the driver's calm face as I cut him off. Exactly what I should have done before.

Thank you God for the lesson in humility and forgiveness. To the drivers I interacted with, I am sorry for what I did.

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